My research told me that ABC Sober Living and the Rock Recovery program was so unique that I was motivated to move from Georgia to San Diego. Flying to San Diego to meet these people, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they might be at the airport with their Bibles and Holy water. I was picked up at the airport and immediately taken on a great snowboard trip. They told me that they were going to show me how to have fun in sobriety and the fun hasn’t stopped.

We go to a lot of AA meetings, Bible study on Tuesday nights, bonfire Friday nights and the Rock Church Sunday. My sobriety is no longer fragile. I have hooked up with a AA sponsor who also goes to the Rock and am taking the 12 Steps of AA. Life is good today.

– Tommy 22 years of age

First and foremost let me make on point crystal clear. No matter what I tried, no matter how great the consequences were, no matter what, I could not stay sober. I was an I.V. Cocaine user and my case was a hopeless one. I had been going to 12 step meetings in Vermont for years and could not hear the message I needed to hear to stay sober. I decided to give sobriety another chance and traveled 3,000 miles to go The McDonald Center. While I was there I met a group of people who serve in the Rock Recovery Ministry. From the moment I heard what they had to say my entire life changed. I had heard it all and what these people told me was the truth I desperately needed to hear. As a result of that I decided to extend my stay in San Diego and live in the ABC Sober Living Home and participate in the Rock Recovery program for a period of 90 days. This was probably the best decision I have made in my life. I got exposed to the Word, learned how to incorporate Scripture with recovery, and underwent a powerful change for the better. This was a transitional period for me. I am now back in Vermont, and I have become a rock in my recovery community here. I am no longer fragile in my recovery. I am able to share the message of hope with my struggling brothers and sisters here. And for the first time in my life I am truly aware of the fact that I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of others and I am dedicated to doing just that to maintain my own sobriety.

– Tristram 27 years of age

Who is my God?? Who am I actually praying to? I felt my recovery program was strong and solid but when a new sponsor introduced me to the Rock Church and the bible my recovery really exploded. From there my heart started to soften and compassion replaced intolerance and hate. I really feel like my recovery went from a “One day at a time” attitude to a feeling of having permanent sobriety. My thinking went from “white knuckling” to a feeling of being comfortable in my own skin. I now realize there is much more than just being clean and sober. My recovery continues to grow more and more as I follow Scripture. The more effort I put into following the Word the closer I feel I am getting to God. Adding these components to my already strong AA program has made all the difference. Combining the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous with Christianity has taken my program to an entirely different level.

– Tommy 32 years of age

Rock Recovery has completely changed my daughter’s life by opening the eyes of her heart to following Jesus Christ. With the commitment of a 12 step Christ centered program, surrounded by those who truly love others unconditionally, she has become a woman with purpose and direction in her life, and excited about living it and sharing it.

– Terilyn

I had been trying to get sober for 25 years and I never achieved sobriety until I came to ABC Sober Living and the Rock Recovery program. Today I have a freedom that I never imagined. The obsession to get loaded has been totally removed and I have never been this comfortable sober. I have real tools to stay sober and I put on my spiritual armor everyday. Thank God for AA and Rock Recovery.

– Kent 42 years of age

Alcoholics Anonymous and the Bible saved my life.

– Josh 23 years of age

As an alcoholic and a spiritual neophyte, Rock Recovery provided me with the knowledge and the spiritual armor to go out and face life on a daily basis. SAVE, EQUIP, SEND!

– John 35 years of age

My 20-year-old son had an alcohol addiction that was destroying his life; he told me that he was not going to quit drinking. My husband and I were able to get him into the McDonald Center for treatment and it was recommended at the end of the program that he should go into a sober living house, where he could be with other recovering alcoholics as they worked their program and returned to living outside the treatment center. We left the decision up to our son which sober living house he would go to. Our son found out about ABC Sober Living and Rock Recovery, a ministry of the Rock Church. Our son went to visit the houses available in the area including the house from The Rock. He called us and was very excited about Rock Recovery and it’s sober living house. Even though our son liked to surf and there are programs closer to the beach, he picked Rock Recovery and ABC Sober Living because part of there recovery is going to Alcoholics Anonymous, going to The Rock Church, doing Bible studies, and out reach. Our son felt very loved, supported, and encouraged. He was not sure at first if he was going to be able to stay sober although he very much wanted to. At times our son was tempted but he was with people who prayed with him. He has totally changed! He is a complete miracle of God! He was like a frozen garden, desolate and gray, and now he is like not just one flower blooming but a whole garden full…he is vibrant. I know that God used the McDonald Center, Rock Recovery and ABC Sober to bring our son to the knowledge of Jesus Christ who has brought about this transformation and it is awesome!

– Linda and Mark

When our son was ready to leave rehab, the Lord opened the door to Rock Recovery and ABC Sober Living in San Diego. This facility was immediately attractive to us because of its faith-based message coupled with the 12 steps of AA. Rock Recovery has strong leaders. Their compassion and hands on approach in guiding people is powerful. The program provides structure, accountability, friendships and support. Our son is learning to grow as a person and mature as a Christian through Bible study and attending the Rock Church. I highly recommend this sober living environment and the Rock Recovery program for those seeking continued recovery and wanting to grow in their Christian faith. Our son is at peace, finally, and finding God’s strength as he makes his new life in San Diego. He’s excited about sharing the message and giving back to others. I feel like nicknaming him Lazarus II.

– Tom and Ginger

16 months ago I was living in my own prison, a prison that I created for myself with repeated drug and alcohol abuse. By the grace of God I got to treatment and once out of treatment found Rock Recovery. Rock Recovery is a fellowship of men & women just like myself, struggling with addiction and learning how to live a Christ centered life without the use of drugs and alcohol. It is so wonderful to be a part of something that helps so many. We are a group of people who have found a solution to the bondage of drugs and alcohol. We have found that solution in Jesus Christ. Bible study on Tuesdays, a bonfire on Fridays and we all attend church Sunday mornings together. I am blessed to be part of something so much bigger than myself that has helped save my life.

– Joey 27 years of age

I just wanted to share a note about my experiences through life and my alcoholic disease. About fifteen months ago, my alcoholism caught up with me and my life became unmanageable.

I grew up in a Catholic family. My father died of this illness about twelve years ago. As long as I can remember he was deep in his alcoholism and he never understood a way out. Today I understand. My mother raised six children, and with support from her brother and sister, we were all put through Catholic schools through High School.

Through my life I didn’t want to depend on anyone but myself so I went along my life in a happy go lucky fashion. I worked since I was fifteen and managed to put myself through college and succeed in the working world for a number of years. All the time drinking and having fun but then it caught up with me.

On February 7, 2005 I ended up in an emergency room trying to detox on my own from alcohol. The next day I went into the McDonald Center where I heard about Rock Recovery and ABC Sober Living where I still live today. I slowly found that I could live a life I could never have imagined…a life without alcohol.

I needed to have God back in my life and this program offered a Christian solution along with the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through this I began to get life back. Some of the many things include my self-esteem, my confidence, my personality and most of all my heart. I have made so many great friends. I have learned so much. I have so much hope it is unbelievable. I know that it is through God that these people and principles have come into my life.

I have so much I can say…but I want to be brief. I go to bed at night in peace thanking God and asking Him to show me His way and to pass those along to others in the world. I wake up asking for his guidance to live each day to be more like Him and to stay out of my own self will.

I am happy, joyous and free. I am comfortable. I am glad to be alive.

– Tom 46 years of age.